25 Humiliating Experiences Only People Living With Their Parents Will Understand


1. Feeling like you just took a time machine back to high school because your parents keep assigning you chore charts.

2. Not doing your dishes immediately after dinner, causing your parents to freak out and yell about how they never taught you anything.

3. Sneaking quietly into the kitchen to get a second glass of wine in fear of your parents thinking you’re an alcoholic.

4. When you get an email from your mom who opened up your bank statement and finds out that you’ve been wasting your money on Starbucks.

5. When you go on a date and your parents almost call the police when they don’t hear from you after a while.

6. When you have to make dinner for your family and your parents realize you only know how to make Easy Mac.

7. When your parents frown on you because you “keep going to happy hours and buying cocktails and you may have a problem”.

8. When you are suddenly woken up at 6 am. everyday because your dad thinks you need to start exercising.

9. When it suddenly dawns on you that if you ever wanted to bring a guy back to your place, you would have to run it by your parents first.

10. Or just sneak them in like you did back in high school.

11. When you wake up to twenty texts from your mom asking where you are and if you’re safe.

12. When every other day you are asked for technology advice because your parents clearly can’t do it by themselves.

13. When you’ve had a terrible day at work and know that the first think your parents will ask you when you get home is “how was your day sweetie?”

14. When somedays you just want to be alone, but your parents planned a family day instead.

15. When in college you got away with not having to see your dentist all the time, but now that you’re back home your parents schedule your dentist and doctor appointments to make sure you’re “healthy”.

16. When midnight is your curfew now. Goodbye 3 am. outings.

17. When your mom finds out you forgot to take the frozen turkey out of the freezer to defrost it.

18. When you forgot how scary you parent’s “evil eyes” were and have to witness it everyday.

19. When your parents get pissed at you whenever you get a hangover and shake their heads in disappointment.

20. When your room is in the basement but your parent’s like to keep the house at a maximum of 55 degrees.

21. When your parents finally leave the house, and you can finally jam out to The Jonas Brothers, drink wine, and dance in your underwear.

22. When you do your parents a favor and drive them to their doctors appointment and the drive turns into a lecture about how you suck at driving.

23. When your parents come home and see that all you’ve done is lie around on your bed and watch Netflix.

24. When your parents start making you buy your own alcohol because their beer keeps going missing.

25. When your parents leave for vacation but let the neighbors know so they can “keep an eye out for you”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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