25 Reasons Why ‘Swifties’ Are The Happiest People To Be Around

‘Swifties’- Adoring fans of Taylor Swift. They will keep singing “Love Story” until the day they die.
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

1. Without warning, we can break into song to avoid tense situations.

2. If someone is a bully, we obviously will start belting out “Mean” to scare him or her away.

3. Taylor Swift follows a lot of us on Tumblr, so she has our backs if we ever need her.

4. We are an army of strong women and men who adore creative song writing and clever hooks.

5. We know all of the facts anyone would need to know about TSwizzle so, if a car ride ever gets boring we can entertain you.

6. ‘Swifties’ are fiercely loyal and won’t hesitate to defend their friends.

7. We can give you a Taylor Swift song for every situation you are in.

8. If you are going through a breakup, we are armed with songs you can cry along to.

9. Whenever a Taylor Swift song comes on the radio, we instantly sing along. No matter what. You know you want to do it too.

10. Our energy is unstoppable and infectious.

11. We will forever love talking about vintage Taylor and her curls. Can we converse about the cowboy boots she used to wear?

12. We love fearlessly.

13. We are all feminists who know the great power women can have in this world.

14. ‘Swifties’ are experts on breakups. We will make sure you never ever get back together with him.

15. We are in love with love stories, and won’t ever take a relationship for granted.

16. The creatives ones will probably write songs about boys who break their hearts. Or just write for Thought Catalog.

17. ‘Swifties’ know when trouble is coming. We will warn you about the bad boys and remind you that you deserve better.

18. We probably will have at least one Taylor Swift song played at our future weddings. Get pumped.

19. We are independent and don’t need a significant other to be happy.

20. We all secretly think that if Taylor Swift knew us, than we would be best friends. Who wouldn’t want to bake cookies with Taylor, am I right?

21. Friends and family are our main priority so, if someone hurts them, you better believe we won’t shake it off.

22. On anyone’s 22n’d birthday, we all go nuts and play “22” on repeat for the entire day. You might want to grab your earplugs when that day comes for you.

23. We like to give advice in lyric form. Constantly.

24. We might be slightly psychotic, but at least we like to have fun.

25. We dance. A lot. And not very well. But if Taylor doesn’t give a f***, neither do we. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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