Once The ‘Honeymoon’ Stage Is Over, Then True Love Can Begin

Flickr / mariadelajuana
Flickr / mariadelajuana

“The honeymoon stage” is not real love.

The giddiness, the loud pounding of your heart, the “I can’t wipe this smile off my face” feeling, is not love. It feels amazing, sure, but it isn’t the real deal.

The honeymoon stage is the time in your relationship when you believe your significant other is perfect. When you believe they will do anything for you. When you believe they won’t ever break you. The honeymoon stage is the time in your relationship when you believe that your significant other has no faults. When you believe they are your light at the end of tunnel, the sunshine on your cloudy days.

The honeymoon stage is when your significant other think the exact same thing as you. Because they don’t know that you bite your nails constantly, whistle obnoxiously, or have trust issues. They don’t know that you have quirks that you hide from them, that you sometimes don’t want to wear makeup, or dress nicely. They don’t know you like to belt out Britney Spears in the car, or that you have anxiety attacks that can happen in the blink of an eye. They don’t know yet that sometimes you want to be left alone and that sometimes you feel sad for no reason.

This is not love. Love begins when the honeymoon stage ends.

When you can share your quirks and not feel ashamed about them. When you can sing or whistle obnoxiously when they are around and feel safe. When you open up your secrets to them and let them breathe it in wholeheartedly. When you show them all your wounds and scars, and they don’t grimace.

Love begins when they break you and you forgive them. When they let you down and you lift them up. Love begins when you disappoint them and they embrace you. When you hurt them, and they don’t run. Love begins when things turn messy and imperfect, but you still try and they still try. Love begins when you realize they will never be perfect, and they know you aren’t either. Because through all that imperfection and sides of ugliness, it’s still worth it. And through all the weird habits, the downfalls and the flaws, they still think you’re freaking beautiful. And you still think they are too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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