Stop Feeling Like A Failure If You Don’t Get A Million Things Done Each Day.

As we have come to the end of another year and Lockdown 3.0 has been announced, many of us are so badly struggling with indifference, self-dejection, and are without a clear purpose.

I am still feeling significantly flat from the New Year.

Despite a handful of successes, gains, accomplishments, and learning curves, I still feel as though I am underachieving in those aspects of life where I am lacking a clear direction.

We define ourselves by what we are and are not willing to do; we compare our achievements to lifestyles which we are not even set out to have, and we shame ourselves for not living up to needless expectations i.e. not being slim enough, rich enough, or successful enough.

Stop comparing yourself to those people who in Lockdown 1.0 started their own business, refurbished their homes, or saved thousands of pounds, when ‘all you did’ was survive each day.

Remind yourself that you don’t always need to be productive. We should not feel guilty for needing rest.

Day to day, it may seem like nothing notably changes and that we have tirelessly sacrificed all of our valuable energy throughout the interval of the year, just to feel as though we are still in the same place.

It is okay to feel drained sometimes. This pandemic is fucking exhausting and has heavily tested everybody’s mental health. I have so much ambition with no motivation; at all.

Unknown to you at the time, but every one of those days has got you to where you are now.

You may not recall such trivial things i.e. cooking a new recipe, reading a new book, discovering a new product, a new song, a conversation with a friend, applying basic growth and development, subconscious evolution, etc. However, these minorities have all influenced your perception and the way in which you think. This all impacts your character, massively.

You will be surprised how many people don’t always actually have a grand plan, and just take every day as it comes.

All of these little steps are progress, and they will still get you to where you are supposed to be.

Stop fixating on how much time you have left to achieve your goals and focus on each day, by day.

Other people’s progression will be more visible to you when you are impaired to seeing the excellence in your own journey. Sometimes it may seem more often and quicker for others. There will always be someone who is ahead of you in some element. There is so much power in little progress so don’t overlook how far you’ve come and start to congratulate yourself on your smaller successes.

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