Don’t Settle For Less Just To Please Someone Who’s Insatiable

A time will come in your life when your heart is being taken for granted.

How do you do what you do? How do you play people with such a serene indifference? How do you keep such a safe distance and not get attached?

At my expense, I’ll forge this stimulated relationship, if that’s what you want. I’ll swallow my emotions and you’ll be the last to know because I can’t tell you that I care, without jeopardizing this fabrication. Heck, I’ll even text you back on Sundays while I pretend I’m not being used at all. “Honestly, make it even more inconvenient for me if you want, babe, because you know what? I’m totally chill!”

We so badly envy acceptance and validation, therefore we remain collected in some of the most preposterous adversities. Only acting disingenuous is a far cry from cool. Even the most nonchalant of people get tired of mistreatment, and we shouldn’t devalue our integrity for someone who doesn’t see our true value.

You find yourself pitting yourself against people you’ve never even met. However, you are just comparing yourself to girls who are also in a vulnerable position. Any self-respecting woman wouldn’t settle for ignorance. Though, when you’re accustomed to a false sense of affection, you might try to convince this person to rekindle what never even was, just so they don’t run back to your competition by acting even more available.

Don’t let this fool you.

“And the cool girls are even more pathetic: they’re not even pretending to be the woman they want to be, they’re pretending to be the woman a man wants them to be.” — Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl.

If you continue to manufacture your personality and emotions by undermining your basic human elements of respect, it will result in whatever you’re longing for, right? That ‘label’ you’ve been hoping for ever since the beginning of your undefined relationship? Wishful thinking.

When a person exploits your boundaries, stand up for yourself. By showing people you are resilient, headstrong, and independent, others should not become dependent on your forgiveness. You will either become more respected or branded as a “psycho.” Oftentimes, women with self-respect are mistaken as high maintenance; however, this is the most intelligent accusation in all.

A time will come in your life when people will regret why they treated you wrong. Take your heart back if it is being taken for granted.

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