An Open Letter To My Future Self, From My Former Self

Dear Future Self,

Inevitably you will feel sadness again. Inevitably you will feel heartache; you will feel sick, and possibly even failure. Although I pray not, you most likely will find yourself depressed again (as it has happened 3 times in the last 9 years). Please promise me that in any of these cases, in any moments of deep hurt and dark pits of despair and darkness, that you will not give up on life and living. Life is beautiful (la vita e bella), and worth living even in its worst moments, please promise me you will not forget that.

Continue singing to your own bright, beautiful, and loud tune. Dance, sing, and laugh even when life and/or others make you feel like crying. Practice meditation, practice mindfulness, and practice gratitude. Go and be outside and with those you love (even when it is hard and you feel like being alone…I promise this will be better). Love others even when they cannot love you. Have strength and keep faith (in whatever you choose to believe). Even after the worst hurricane, the sun comes out and people rebuild. As long as you have breath in your body, please promise me you will do the same.

Remember to live authentically. To be who you are, disregarding all the critiques and criticisms of everyone else. You are perfectly imperfect, and you have always loved your quirks. You want to travel, to explore, and to experience. You want to laugh, dance, cheer, and put your heart and soul into everything you do. You love so many people , do not let today’s troubles ruin your chance at spending time with these people in the future. You have so many interests and things that you still want to do, don’t let today’s troubles cause you to miss out on all of that.

There will never be another one of you in this world. The world will never give up on you no matter how it feels, please please please do not give up on it.


Your Former Self

Writing is my passion. Trying to live a life of intent & gratitude🙏

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