Just A Little Reminder That Love is Everything

I don’t think anyone could deny that love is the axis of our world. The million and one indescribable highs that, by chance, happen to float our way whether we’re on the giving or receiving end of it. Like water to a flower, it’s intrinsic to what makes us tick, what adds that spring to our step. The nuts and bolts, grease and juice we require.

And while I believe each of us experiences this emotion differently — unique beings that we are — there are some aspects we undoubtedly share. How we see the power of it, how it makes us feel when we’re in the throes of it. Like I said, a million highs. A million highs which obviously couldn’t possibly fit on this page, but for the sake of brevity and not wanting to bore the crap out of you, this is my bite-size list

Love is the promise and gravitational pull of all that we deem holy.

Love is that sacrosanct goodness showing us the way to be better, to do better. Helping an old lady across the street, donating clothes to the Salvation Army, sending care packages overseas. The type of things you think about, but never do — or often enough.

Love is grandbaby giggles, farts, and burps.

Love is forgiveness.

Love is joy. Given freely it resonates wings that soar to some pretty spectacular highs.

Love is singing in the shower. Off-key and laughing.

Love is “being that rainbow in someone’s cloud,” the lyrical and sagacious poet Maya Angelou said. It’ll make you feel good. So, find that someone, anyone to shine for. Today, tomorrow, as soon as you can.

Loves is what makes us act stupid sometimes. But happy stupid; which is pretty cool in my book.

Love is that profound bliss biting into a frozen Milky Way bar without a care in the world.

Love is fighting and ending it with a big smackeroo.

Love is loving yourself and knowing the rest will follow.

Love is being okay to open the door to broken hearts and broken dreams.

Love is Buddha on steroids. Fearless. Leaping off tall buildings in a single bound into that unconditional safety net you can’t buy at Marshall’s or anywhere else for that matter. Because it’s the one thing in life, you’ll never find on sale.

Love is compassion, empathy, the willingness to let those that love you be themselves without judgment.

Love is the eternal rule. An alignment to the universe. That infinite connection beyond life’s most egregious disasters and hardships. It makes all things possible. Not just because they are, but because you worked your ass off to get there.

Love is walking along the beach, holding hands, and sharing an ice cream cone.

Love is boundless, harmonious, hormonal, frightening, exhilarating, crippling, healing. It is all these things and more. Oh yeah, much more. So do yourself a favor … next time love comes knocking on your door, don’t fight it, don’t pretend you don’t need it in your life. Welcome it with open arms and a hallelujah!

Putting it all together. One chapter at a time.

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