4 Fantastic Things About Your Girlfriends That Prove You Should Never Ditch Them For A Dude

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Lets be real, almost every girl refers to their boyfriend as their “best friend,” if he really is that is amazing. Even if that is the case though, you should never ditch your girlfriends because you have a boyfriend.

It seems as if your friends are around for the beginning of your new love story. From the moment that you decide you are interested in this new guy. They get every detail, every screenshot, every nervous phone call. Then the second you get the guy, they lose all communication. Nobody wants to be left with an unfinished story, or go from being a main character to the character that doesn’t make it back for the sequel.

Balancing a new relationship along with a social life with your friends can be a very difficult task, more so than some people may realize. Trying to divide your time and nurture each relationship is not easy work. Toward the beginning of a new romantic relationship, it may not seem so crazy to bail on your friends once in a while. I mean, you are trying to form a new connection with someone who may become a big part of your life. Your friends have been there forever, so why would that change? Pretty innocent thinking and that may be true until you start to completely neglect everyone around you except your boyfriend.

There are an infinite amount of obvious reasons why you should never ever willingly lose your friends over a guy. Some of the very specific things you may miss are ones that aren’t obvious to everyone, even yourself. Until it happens.

1. Girls Only Nights

Sure, most of girls nights may be spent talking about guys or helping each other text back guys. But what really matters is that you’re doing it together with nobody of the male species actually being there. Gossiping, stuffing your faces, dance parties, and wine. Man, girls nights are a reason to live.

2. Free Therapists

What does a girl do when she gets in a fight with her boyfriend and has no friends to calm them down and talk them through it? I think that your girlfriends are your go-to people for venting and talking about your problems. Sure, you may do that with your significant other as well. But what if they are the problem? Guess it’s time to go get a real paid therapist.

3. Doing Absolutely Nothing

Driving around late night and blasting music because there’s nothing else to do. Or laying on one of your couches watching crappy reality TV for hours on end. There’s nobody better to be a lazy asshole with than your girlfriends. Especially because you know they will always be the first ones to volunteer to join you.

4. Planning Your Futures

Thinking about the future can be extremely scary with anyone. But with your closest friends, it seems much easier. You may not be willing to commit to planning your wedding with your boyfriend, but you are more than willing to commit to the future bridesmaids and future godmothers of your children. Sure, things may change (*cough* if you ditch them for a guy) but it is a whole lot less terrifying and in fact, sort of comforting to think of your best friends being with you for the long haul.

As Charlotte from Sex and the City said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”  Of course things will change when you or your friends get into relationships. You may all not be able to be together as much and will not only have each other to rely on. But god forbid something happens to your relationship, even though your friends have been there forever; nobody wants to sit around and be neglected or wait for anyone to decide that they’re only worthy of their time when they no longer have their #1. They will not always be there if you do that to them. Sometimes there may be no coming back from it.

From watching others be destroyed by losing their friends; please reconsider the next time you lose touch with those who were your best friends, your support system, your therapists, your partners in crime, your soul mates. You don’t want to miss out on a lifetime of memories with those people. Whether your man is around for only 6 months or the rest of your life, it doesn’t matter; you will always need your friends as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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