To The Friends Who Make Us Better People

Karina Carvalho

It’s the kind of friendship you see in movies. The kind that as a little girl you always dreamt of. The kind of friendship that you just know, with every cell in your body, that it is forever. The kind that has overcome struggles, changes and disagreements.

The kind that continued to blossom stronger and stronger each time. The kind of friendship you can’t explain in words, its a soul feel thing. The kind you thank the universe for, every single day. The kind of friendship that makes life worth living.

My soul mate.

My forever

My best friend.

Here’s to all the best friends out there, and mine in particular, thank you.

You are our late night texts, our shoulders to cry on, our mirrors to reflect in, our voice of reason, our breath of fresh air in the middle of a storm.

You are our light when everything is dark, our comfort when we feel alone, our reassurance when our worlds are caving in.

You are our life jacket when times are tough, our love when we are broken hearted, our guidance when we have lost our way.

You are our forever, others come and go but you will always stay.

You are our deep belly laughs, the kind you can’t breathe from. Our inside jokes, the ones no one else finds funny. Our ‘I cant believe we did that’ moments and stupid decisions. But you are all of them, with us.

You are the kind of friendship we tell the world about, the kind we know others desire, the kind we had always dreamt of but never felt could be real. The kind our kids will know, and share. The kind our loves, the short lived and long term, will feel. The kind of bond that doesn’t always make sense, but it just works.

It’s the late night chats, the hours lost together, the nights up late, the tears shared, the hugs held.

It’s the times we push and you pull, the times we run and you follow, the times we hurt and you heal.

Its the reality checks, the wake up calls, the honest voice.

It’s everything.

Thank you for being our future stories, our past memories, our current happiness. Thank you for holding us when others wouldn’t, for standing by when others left, for supporting us when others crumbled.

Thank you for being a different kind of love, the kind that compliments companionship without replacing it, the kind that adds to familial connections without detracting from it, the kind of love that is like no other- it’s unique, its special, its its own kind of love. My soul knows you are it’s mate and my world is complete with you

I know no matter the obstacles, no matter the time, no matter the circumstances, we are forever.

So thank you for being my love, my light and my guidance.

Thank you for being my best friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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