If Only We Had One More Night Together

Alvin Mahmudov
Alvin Mahmudov

What would happen if we had just one night.
Just one, to feel your body against mine.
One to feel your skin softly kiss my soul.
To know what we could have been.

A night to intertwine our hearts together,
One to feel the potential we may have
To say all the things we never said.
The chance to feel the energy between us

One to finally embrace it
To ignite it in all its glory.
A night of just us.
No consequences

No questions asked
No second guessing
Just you, and me, our bodies, becoming one.

We can escape, just for the night,
and lie under the sky,
watching the stars dance above us, feeling
the expansiveness of the world around us.

We could explore, just for a night,
painting our future in the air above us,
feeling the exhilaration of
the unknown, the chance of what ifs.

We could embellish, just for a night,
planning a life together,
a life we know we will never live,

But just for tonight…
Feeling the weight of the silence.
Knowing it is, just us.
You can pull me close and hold me,
whispering sweet promises in my ear

You can mark a future on my skin,
dancing your hands, telling stories I’ll never forget
You can soothe my every doubt,
kissing your every thought into my heart.

You can have me, but only for a night.
Because I don’t want to live with doubts,
I don’t want to wonder what if
I don’t want to grow old with regret

But I can’t be her.
The one you chose
The one who’s heart you keep.
I can’t be the woman you need.

So can we pretend
Just for a night
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