To My Love: Thank You For Breaking Me

To My Love: Thank You For Breaking Me
Lili Kovac

Thank you for suffocating me in your love, only to take it back. There were countless nights I went to bed smiling, just to wake up the next crying.

Thank you for making me question myself during every moment of our relationship. It is through you that I learned every feeling of mine is valid and should be acknowledged, even when you refused to.

Thank you for sleeping next to me then vanishing into thin air. You made me realize I like the feel of the cool sheets around me and the silence of waking up alone.

Thank you for loving me in the most passionate way possible. The kind of love that makes you forget logic and fills your stomach with butterflies. But the same kind of love that you wake to find fading before your eyes, much quicker than you can bring back its radiance.

Thank you for being colder than mid-December nights because when you shut down, I was left with your corpse, only resembling the boy I fell in love with but without any of his warmth.

Thank you for engraining yourself in my memory, no matter how many times I tried to drown you in liquor. You made me realize my problems can swim much faster than the rolling tides of a shot burning down my throat.

Thank you for breaking me in the most beautiful way possible, by walking away months before I had the courage to take the final steps. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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