I’m Sick Of Reading About Anxiety

Anxiety. According to the dictionary, it is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. To some it’s more. It’s a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

Notice I did not explain it with terms like “lightning bolts,” “thunder,” “a vacuum within” or other words turning this disorder into a romanticized and poetic topic. Suddenly, having depression or anxiety is trendy. Even more so, it’s a trendy topic for bloggers and social media.

I recently read a blog post of an aspiring fashion blogger turning anxiety into the perfect blog topic to get attention. Well, you did. And you pissed people off. According to this blog, all you have to do to overcome anxiety is to “learn a breathing routine, go running and get some good meds.”

For someone really dealing with this disorder, we won’t want to hear your metaphors and poetic descriptions. We don’t want to hear from people using the trend as a way to get attention because, believe it or not, most people can tell if you really know what you’re talking about.

The aforementioned blogger clearly has no idea and thought it would be a good topic to share.

I’m sorry if you thought this would be another article beautifully describing a mental illness. Unfortunately, it’s not beautiful and it doesn’t deserve the lengthy description most people are artistically gifting it.

It’s an everyday struggle and it almost caused me to not graduate college, makes my weight impossible to control, has ruined relationships, makes everyday harder than it needs to be and continues to knock me down from time to time. It’s a chemical imbalance causing hell within my body.

It’s not anything else and I wish people would recognize the monster it is and leave it at that.

So, please find a new topic away from mental illness, or at least educate yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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