8 Unfortunate Realizations You Have When The First Friend Of The Group Gets Hitched

The moment your first friend gets engaged is almost as exciting as you expect your own engagement to be. You immediately start to wonder how she’s going to ask you to be in her wedding, where it will be, how she’ll decorate and what dress style she’s going to go with. After all of the fun planning and the unforgettable bachelorette party, reality hits and shit goes down hill…fast.

The wedding comes and goes and you begin to realize what exactly it means now that the first one in your friend group gets hitched.

1. You’re no longer the fab five, you’re the fucking single four.

You start to ponder if she has officially left the friend group. Do you need to change the name of your group text, because technically (and legally) you’re no longer the “Sexy Single Sistas” unless you kick her out.

2. You have to actually update her name in your phone contacts.

You can no longer call her by the nickname you’ve used for years, especially if it stemmed from her maiden name. Adding a Mrs. and changing the last name is your official reality check that she is no longer on your level.

3. You are no longer a priority.

Happy hours are going to be one girl short. She has wife-duties to get home to like cooking dinner for her hubby. She “can’t talk right now” because they’re picking out a new outfit for their pet cat. But, she promises to “call you back later”. Later suddenly turns into next week.

4. You’re going to be alone forever.

Everything is perfect for your bestie. She’s got mister right and you’ve still got no one. Time to order a pizza and grab a bottle of wine, because you’ve officially realized that you’re going to be alone forever.

5. What’s next a fucking baby?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…a fucking baby. Holy shit. Soon enough you know you’ll be getting baby news and turn from a bridesmaid to an “auntie”.

6. Your own timeline is way off.

For years you thought you’d be engaged by 23, married by 25 and have your first child by 27. But right now you’re 25 single and terrified of children. Things are going well for you.

7. No more dancing on tables.

Chances are she won’t be the go-to-gal for girls’ night out anymore. She’ll have all of these wifely excuses for why she can’t attend. Dancing on tables turns into setting the table for her and you’ll be left to fend for your own on Saturday nights.

8. You want a rock.

You need to find someone and find someone fast. That fresh nail job from the wedding would go perfectly with a gigantic rock. And you’re suddenly noticing just how bare your ring finger looks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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