11 Honest Reasons Being A Bridesmaid Really Sucks

1. You’re required to stand, smile and make everything right, all day.

2. You find the perfect Pinterest photo for how you want your hair done, end up looking like a 90s prom go-er and have to pretend like its all good.

3. You get paired up with the groomsman that you had a one night stand with and haven’t spoken to since.

4. You end up spending twice the dress’s value in alterations because they never end up fitting as they do at the bridal shop. All for it to be worn once.

5. Yes, you actually do have to wear that hideous shoe.

6. You eat like a hyena at dinner because you haven’t had food all day and since you’re sitting at the head table everyone stares at you in terror.

7. Every slow song at the reception is a constant reminder of just how single you are.

8. You have to take care of the other crying bridesmaid who had too much to drink and realized she too is so fucking single.

9. You’re practically bankrupt after it’s all over with…and still single.

10. You’re still expected to get a gift for the happy couple.

11. After everything you’ve contributed you realize you still don’t get to go on the honeymoon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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