When Love Alone Is No Longer Enough

Love alone is not enough.

To love and to not feel it returned is a terrible thing. To love from a distance in silence is hopeless. To love another enough to damage yourself even though it hurts like hell is ridiculous.

Years pass by and still you wait in wonder for nothing, because it’s not coming. That person you think you have so much in common with is not thinking the same things you are about them. You read into every single one of their little actions and words, and the buzz from such delirious thoughts is all that keeps you going. The lows are hard to bear.

But you keep seeing them. They are your friend, after all, and of course one day things could change, so you hold on tight to that hazy idea when in reality it is so far off in the distance – a mere speck.

You know you would do anything for them. They probably know that too. Their boundaries are different from yours even after you reveal your feelings for them. The mixed signals should have been a warning.

For time is not kind to a tender heart, and your emotions are torn because deep down there is a small voice that knows you can’t carry on like this. This state of mind is not a healthy place.

You sense the downfall is coming as you only know one way to love, and to be just friends now is not possible. You love too intensely.

It’s time to leave soon, for you know you tried everything. To lose at the end of the day is a pain that’s indescribable, but you cannot pretend anymore.

They promised so much but let you down. The last goodbye never came and it’s difficult to understand.

But this is another valuable lesson to be learned. Remember this is the path you are meant to walk. Remember you loved, and that is a beautiful thing, so don’t be mad at yourself, because love alone is not always enough. Remember to stay tender. Remember all of this when you think of them, because this person wasn’t meant for you.

Poetry is my first love…

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