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You Bring Me Home

The moment I figured out I was in love with you, was the moment I realized I was finally stopping. No more running, no more excuses.

A Ranking Of Every Song Off Of ‘Reputation’ By Taylor Swift

taylor swift reputation

There’s a lot of the 1989, Red, Speak Now and Taylor Swift in this new brand shining Taylor, those eras will not die, they will forever live with her and her past, current and future Reputation. So well done, Taylor Swift, you’ve done it again! Even though I still think Jake Gyllenhaal should take one for the team and break her heart a tiny bit again, so she can write the record we truly deserve.

Here’s To The Mess We’ve Made

We’ll get there, one day, maybe. When the first thing I’ll see waking up will be your green eyes, or your big hands, lost somewhere around the pillow. Someday, somehow, we will get there.

I Keep Loving People Who Leave

They all stick around, promising me things using only words and not many actions. They love me. They say it over and over, they miss me, they need me, they like me. And I believe them.

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