5 Universal Truths About Kindness That Prove You Should Practice It Everyday


The ability to feel, the knowledge that there are always more sides to a story, and the patience to show empathy.

We live in a world based on based on achievement and constant competition. Where a dog eat dog mentality is seen as more valuable than one that is merciful. We are looked upon as weak for being too nice. So we become cynical, pessimistic, and hard. Thinking that it is the only way to survive; eat or be eaten. What we do not realize is that we are shaping ourselves into something that is not naturally us. Through these barriers we create to limit ourselves to be open to trust and kindness we are eliminating the purest qualities of being human.

We have the choice. Will we go through hurt in life? Yes. Will people betray us? Yes. Will we experience inequality? Yes. These are others choices and actions. They do not have to be ours.

Now, I am not saying to allow people to walk all over our kindness and compassion. This isn’t what I am saying at all. Instead, that strength comes from showing compassion and kindness in even the toughest of times.

1. Kindness is a lifestyle choice

You are in control and responsible for your own life. No one else is. So you can choose to be bitter at what hurdles life has thrown at you…or you can choose to be kind.

2. Kindness equals strength

Believe it or not, it is easier to be negative, it is easier to be vengeful, it is easier to be hard. You know what’s not easy? Showing kindness, even to those who may not always deserve it, and to keep on living for you. Moving on and not letting the petty things change your core, now, that is a true testament to one’s inner strength.

3. Kindness can be a roller coaster ride just like everything else in life

I am not perfect and you are not perfect. We will not always be able to get this right. But, we can commit to trying, and getting up each time after we may fall. That is all we can ask of ourselves.

4. You will accomplish more with kindness

Demonstrating kindness makes you feel good, happy people accomplish more, positive attitudes lead to higher successes in life. Google it. You’ll see.

5. We are all deserving of a little bit of kindness

Unless you know an individual’s story, I am talking the deep inner workings of their mind, their struggles, their upbringing, their experiences, their relationships, and everything else that shape us to who we are today, you are not the judge on whether or not that person deserves to receive kindness. We are all human and in the purest essence in displaying human dignity comes kindness.

I hope this brings light to some things that we may not necessarily think about on a daily basis, but inspires you to do more, to do better. That is all I ask, a commitment to trying each and every day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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