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Keep Fighting, Warrior

This is a love letter for those who’ve battled their own demons and were left with scars to prove it.

We see you.

You’ve wrestled with self-doubt and fought in wars others won’t ever know about.

You’ve met monsters in your mind head-on and kept calm in the face of fear.

The courage you have to take on each day is admirable and you deserve so much more credit than you often give yourself.

Here’s a toast to you.

You’ve done it.

You got up this morning.

You took a deep breath.

You talked to a friend.

You moved your body.

You did the work.

You’ve survived.

Even on days when you felt bombarded by your own thoughts.

Even on days where you could barely keep your head above water.

You’ve survived.

These may not sound like achievements to you, but they are.

Each day you fight, each day you get a little stronger, each day you survive, each day you’re here deserves celebration.

It’s about time you acknowledge all that you’ve overcome so far.

These achievements of yours are worthy of praise, yet you don’t recognize all that you’ve accomplished.

That’s understandable.

You see others who seem to be not only surviving but thriving.

You’re constantly comparing your faults with other people’s fortunes.

You’re constantly contrasting your missteps with other people’s milestones

You’ve become blind to the fact that everyone around you has battle scars too.

Some just bandage theirs up differently.

We’ve all failed. We’ve all made mistakes. Not a single person has been briefed on how to win, just given guidance on how to survive based on how others have done the same.

But even if you’re doubting your worth or your achievements, please know that there are others alongside you who commend your bravery.

Keep fighting, warrior.

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