Light Bulbs Erupting Under My Skin


When I left on this journey
I did not know what was pushing me forward
But I did leave to find my true nature
Whether emotional or intuitive.
My frail being was split
Between the sensual and the idealist
I was threatened from all sides
As if my skin was just a border
Between you and you.
I kept traveling
Looking outside the window
I could see the colors turning bright and violent
Light bulbs erupting under my skin
Light bulbs erupting outside my skin
I have seen myself so frail
Trying to stand still in the wagon that was carrying me
Pushing me forward.
I remember when I first stepped inside
I said my name is Will
And I would like to make a decision about my skin
My name is Will, but still I don’t know who I am.
Days passed and from my window I could see many things
But all I was doing
Was to question myself about love
Trying to make peace between the sensual and the idealist
My name is Will and I could become a fierce full judge
While trying to protect the frailty of
my being.
I am Will, a poem inside a landscape
I see my reflection in the window of the wagon that carries me
The wind softly blowing the curtains
Everything becoming clear and transparent
The colors lost their violence
Everything so pale and frail
Like my skin
Everything so calm now
And I can finally make a decision
I am not coming back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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