7 Real Ways To Love A Strong Woman


You love this woman but she’s quite honestly the most outspoken and bravest woman you’ve met. You might just be a little terrified of her. She never hesitates to say what she means or mean what she says, and she will call you out on your sh*t more often than not.

Perhaps you wonder if you’re man enough for this woman. She might threaten your sense of masculinity if you’re truly that insecure and need someone to validate traditional roles of masculinity. She might make you question those traditional roles and ideas of gender in ways you don’t expect.

Or, you may be relieved that she can take charge and find this a huge turn-on. It might also make you feel like more of a man, no matter where you fall on the spectrum. Here’s how to love a woman with big metaphorical balls.

1. Appreciate her insight.

She will approach your problems and life questions with valuable insight and chutzpah. She will never hold back or lie to you. The gems she delivers are rarely found. Appreciate them and she will love you to no end.

2. Fight back if you disagree.

She loves a man who will give what she can dish out, because she’s confident and willing to hear the other side of the story, especially when argued effectively. Warning: this means being an excellent speaker.

3. Take the lead in bed.

If your chick with big ol’ balls is always taking the lead in life (which she most likely is), take the lead in bed. Surprise her sexually. Ask her to submit. Even if she laughs in your face or gladly wears the cuffs, she will love your desire to take the lead and ease up her role as “boss.”

4. Recognize that she has feelings.

She may have delicate feelings that you’re not aware of. She knows she’s a contradiction, but embrace her for the charismatic powerful cocktail she is. Remind her that even though she’s sensitive, you still love her. Don’t tell her not to be sensitive, because she simply can’t change that.

5. Reason with her, but don’t judge.

When your ballsy woman goes to pull the trigger on something you think she should hold back, don’t judge her or tell her what to do. She won’t listen to that. Instead, reason with her about why you feel she should hold back before squeezing the gun, so to speak.

She likes a man who appreciates her nature and point of view, and respects a man who has reasons to back up his argument. She doesn’t care if it’s embarrassing or not. Show logic and she might reconsider. Maybe.

6. Learn to be bold like her.

Your spitfire of a woman isn’t looking to extinguish your flame. In fact, she likes a bright candle to sparkle with. Be just as bold as her. Or if you’re more relaxed, embrace yourself and show her you’ve got direction and goals. If you do this, she will be on your tail 24/7.

7. Don’t be afraid to tell her you love her.

The firecracker beauty wants you to not quietly state your love, but boldly so. This doesn’t mean you have to be showy or constantly all over her. This means you should let it be known that she’s the one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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