Fuck Flawless, Your Messiness Is Beautiful

The idea of perfection is taught to us at a young age.

The perfect body, the perfect relationship, the perfect version of ourselves that we need to be in a relationship.

See, all of that is bullshit because we all have flaws.

All of us are messy and broken in our own ways.

Perfection does not exist.

This idea that we are supposed to be flawless and perfect is something that we simply cannot achieve.

We as humans are far from perfect, each and every one of us.

I think that our messiness is beautiful.

The messiness that comes from vulnerability;

From tears streaming down your face when you allow someone to see every flaw,

to expose yourself,

for all the vulnerabilities is truly beautiful.

To allow someone to see the messiness inside your soul; not just the perfectly structured conversations that we tell ourselves but the fast paced, the stream of consciousness, the breaking of our walls coming down when we are deep within a conversation with someone we trust,

that is beautiful.

I would rather you show me your anxiety,

show me your broken bits,

the bits of yourself that you hide away from the world because you think you are broken;

I want all of that.

I want to see every bit of every flaw of yourself, because it is beautiful to see those parts of someone.

I want to see someone who snores too loud, is messy and laughs a bit too loud at times.

I want someone who is real and has flaws and has parts of themselves that aren’t perfect, because no one is.

I want someone who doesn’t have it all together, someone who shares too much, someone who can admit their mistakes, someone who can laugh at themselves when they are wrong or when they get angry at something small.

Someone who has flaws and isn’t afraid of showing them.

I want someone who I can grow with and be myself with because we are all messy in our own ways.

We are all flawed beings trying to find someone who finds our flaws just as beautiful.

Writer and bad dancer navigating through life with her words

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