A PSA To All 20-Somethings: You Are In Control Of The Best Years Of Your Life

I know you.

You think you’re life is ridiculously complicated right now; you are in your twenties, wondering when it’s all going to come together.

When is this all going to make sense?

When is your life is going to turn around and everything will fall into place?

Please, let me be the one to tell you…

You can make things happen.

You can make your life fall into place.

You can actually make your life what you want it to be.

All you have to do is understand that you are in control of your life.

You are in control of your attitude in every single moment of the messiness that is this life of yours.

What you need to understand is that you are actually in control of it.

You are in control of the way you want your life to go.

I know your twenties can be messy.

They can be as messy as sitting on your floor crying about the date that didn’t show up.

They can be as lonely as realizing that all you really have in life is yourself.

All you have is the person standing in front of the mirror.

Sure, your girlfriends are by your side when you need them, as are your parents or your siblings or your aunt that knows every aspect of every date you have ever gone on.

But really, it is just you.

Because you are in control.

You get to determine how your life pans out.

You are in control of your twenties.

There will be days when you want to give up.

There will be days when you can’t even imagine how the next week will go, how the next month will go.

Trust me when I tell you it gets better.

Your twenties are for figuring out what you want in life.

Your twenties are for finally understanding who your true friends are.

Sure, you might leave behind some.

Some might forget to text you for months.

But you will meet new friends, new people who you couldn’t imagine your life without.

You need to understand that it will get better because you are in control of it.

Ask those new friends at work to hang out.

Text that old crush of yours to go for a drink.

Your twenties are for going after what you want because you are in control.

You need to realize that your twenties are for discovering self love.

Realize that you are your own best friend.

Take your own damn self out on a date because that is exactly what your twenties are for.

Your twenties are for realizing that you are actually an amazing person, just like your mother has been telling you for years.

You are actually a strong person who can stand on her own two feet, despite how those heels make you feel like after dancing the night away.

Your twenties are certainly messy, but that is what makes them so great.

That is what makes your twenties your best years of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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