I Don’t Believe In God, But I Do Believe In Love

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God & Man

I don’t believe in much in this world.

I don’t believe in hardly anything.

See, I don’t believe in miracles

Or soulmates

Or ghosts or spirits

Or heaven or hell

Or some God or Goddess or spiritual being

Or my own existence in this world being something spectacular or magical.

I really don’t believe in much except for in the magic that happens between two people

I believe in connections between people sharing intimate, vulnerable moments with one another

I believe in crying tears of joy when your friends surprise you with a party to celebrate another year on this planet

I believe in holding onto your parents hand even when you are an adult

I believe in staring so closely into someones eyes that you somehow forget what time or what day it is.

I don’t believe in much and yet somehow I believe in two people spending their lives together

I believe that two people who love each other deeply can heal each other

I believe that somehow and some way and on pure coincidence two people can meet each other and somehow it works

Somehow the people who you dated before were just a mere stepping stone to find someone who actually understands you, someone who actually understands you the way you are;

Someone who doesn’t care about your past but is so happy to be your present and future

I believe in this serendipitous world that somehow you can meet someone and suddenly everything makes sense

Somehow every single heartbreak

Every single tear you shed on those who couldn’t quite understand you

Somehow you two met in a world that doesn’t make sense, in a world that is sometimes dangerous and overwhelming and terrifying

Somehow the two of you met and simply figured out how to make it work so beautifully

Somehow everyone before that person didn’t make sense, didn’t work out and left you heartbroken and messy

Somehow, someway, you two found one another

And I don’t believe in much,

But I do believe that when two people can make each other heal again and feel whole again

Somehow love makes you believe in this world not being such a scary place, not being such a lonely place

Because when you have love, you don’t need to believe in anything else except the miracle that is two people loving one another. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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