Fuck Your Fear Of Losing, Take The Risk Anyway

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I know deep down you’re scared.

We’re all scared.

We are all scared of something.

We are all terrified to risk something.

Risking anything leaves us open to what we fear;



and most of all failure.

But when we close our minds off to the opportunities that await us and give in to fear, we let fear win.

We are left defeated.

We settle.

We wait and wait and wait for something to change instead of actually stepping our feet out into the unknown and risk it.

When we let the fear of losing take over our life, we remain stagnant in it.

When we are afraid of something, it holds us back and leaves us limited into the stagnant, content life we live day,

after day

after day.

When we let fear win we limit ourselves.

We settle.

We give up.

We limit ourselves into never finding something greater, something absolutely magnificent when we let fear dictate how we make decisions in life.

When we remain stuck in the constant complacent life that we currently hold, you risk losing out on opportunities to expand your horizons, to expand your world of the possibilities of greatness.

When we have the possibility in front of us to change careers because we are unhappy in our current job, please do not make the decision to not go for it because you are scared.

You can be scared.

You can be terrified.

But remember that you are allowed to be scared, because ultimately, we all are.

We are all scared of change.


Fuck the fear and apply for that job

Fuck the fear and ask that person out

Fuck the fear and move to that city you have always wanted to move to

Do not make decisions based on fear.

Make decisions based on how you want your life to be,

How you want your life to move forward

And if it doesn’t work out, fuck it.

Fuck it all and start over again.

Because life is about regrowth

life is about rebirth

and you can change your life over and over again until you are happy with it

Until you wake up every single morning staring into the face of someone who makes you happy, or starting each day knowing you’re doing the job you love or waking up every morning creating something beautiful with the talent you hold deep within yourself

We have to risk it all.

Please risk it all.

Take fear out of the equation and allow yourself to jump

Allow yourself to jump into the unknown abyss that will be freeing, albeit terrifying, but I promise you that you will learn something from it

Perhaps you will lose it all

Maybe you will

But wouldn’t you risk it all in hopes of the possibility of something amazing happening

Something miraculous happening

Fuck the fear and take the risk to go after what you want

Go after what you know you deserve. TC mark

Writer and bad dancer navigating through life with her words

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