How To Ask A Guy To Hook Up Over Text

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In a world where society tells us that we as women have to feel guilty for having or wanting sex, we need to start initiating the sex we want to have. We have the pleasure of existing in a world where hooking up can occur rather quickly through the simple use of your phone so why not use it to our advantage.

It’s time we start to give ourselves what we want and need.

There is simply nothing wrong with two consenting adults in hooking up safely. Sometimes, you might not want to be in a relationship and only want to hook up with someone and that is absolutely okay.

I know hooking up or asking a guy to hook up can seem daunting and debilitating. The idea of being rejected seems slightly embarrassing and rather scary.

Please remember that being rejected by a text is not as bad as being rejected in person. Honestly, I would rather put myself out there in the world than let a man dictate when I am going to have sex.

The cards are in your hands, ladies!

Put yourself out there and send that risky text.

I find that one should simply follow the development of the relationship that is at hand. If it’s been casual then keep it casual. You can keep your texting short and sweet and simple with a to-the-point hookup text. If you have a friendly dynamic where hookups are simple than a to-the-point text will certainly do.

If you two are new to hooking up, I’d suggest a text which is more flirtatious than simply, leaving it up to him to either flirt back or reject you. Trust me, I have had my fair share of hookup texts that have been rejected and it isn’t that bad.

Sometimes rejection happens and you get ghosted; sometimes it leads to months of mind-blowing sex.

That is the beauty of a hookup relationship, it can be as easy as the two parties want it to be.

I also find it interesting if one uses some sort of personalized experience that the two of you shared the last time you were together to talk about hooking up over text again. If you want someone to join you to watch a movie or to help you put together a piece of furniture, allow a simple text to do the work for you with a little flirtation in the messages. Sure you might need some help with the actual furniture, but it’s all about how you send the messages. Thankfully, emojis can sometimes do more of the talking for you as well.

Throughout my time of being single, I have found that one needs to use whatever route feels most comfortable when initiating said hookup.

A hookup needs to be casual, consensual and most of all-fun for both parties.

If at any time something doesn’t feel right, speak up and let your partner know. Even if after the fact you feel like something wasn’t right, feel free to tell that person that what they did didn’t or did feel good. Alternatively, if someone did something well during a hookup, positive encouragement is always helpful and always appreciated and can always be useful in sending that next risky hookup text. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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