If You Just Want To Have Fun, Date A Fuckboy

Jimmy Bay

Fuckboys are notorious for being these monstrous creatures that suffocate women’s self-worth, use women and leave them damaged. Why would they ghost us? Why would they talk about the future with us? They are simply small boys with sex on their brain and they will do anything to get it.

Fuckboys aren’t something we can’t live without. They have always existed. They will always exist and we as women have to understand how to navigate the world with them. We need to send some love to the fuck boys in our lives and appreciate them for what they are; someone to have sex with. They build up our self-worth and confidence. Sure, they can have sex with anyone, right?

But sitting here, spending time with you, texting you. Perhaps it’s just for a week, perhaps it’s ravaged with bullshit you can easily read through, but for some women on the road to relationship recovery, fuckboys can give us the fun we need and crave.

We have all experienced fuckboys, the ones who only hang out with us on their terms, the ones who are ashamed to admit why the two of us hangout (we both want sex!) the ones who talk about how we should travel the world together so we accidentally believe their bullshit for a solid minute and eventually realize they are indeed a fuck boy. Whoops, my bad for believing that you weren’t a fuck boy when all signs were pointing to “YES!”.

The fuckboys will forever be around on all the dating apps, at the bar hanging around until the lights come on trying to take you home. But maybe, for the women who want to just have fun without being tied down deserve to have the fuckboys in their lives.

Maybe we should be allowed to walk into the fire with a fuckboy by our side until it fades away (because it will).

So please, let’s allow ourselves to have fun with the fuckboys in our life. They teach us what we want, they teach us what we deserve and they teach us to run like hell when they act a fool. Trust your instincts, trust that you deserve an orgasm or two but never ever leave your self-worth behind when dating (aka playing with) the fuck boys.

A simple fuckboy does not have the ability to destroy your self-esteem or self-worth that easily. They do not hold that much power over you, no one does. Remember that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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