Choose To Discover Your True Self, Even When It’s Uncomfortable

Sometimes we may find ourselves spinning in circles trying to please others.  This process may include morphing into something others want us to be instead of being our most authentic selves, warts and all.

It can be exhausting denying your true self. At first it may seem easier to fall in line with other’s expectations than break free to forge our own path. We owe it to ourselves to create the best chance for our overall health and wellness long-term.

How often do we step back and take the time to really focus on ourselves? There’s this misconception of inherent selfishness if we redirect our energies towards building a solid relationship within. Isn’t it more selfish to not even try?

We need to be open to the possibility of discovering things we don’t like about ourselves. Maybe these are things we’d like to change. Maybe not. Other times we could discover things that others don’t like about us and we have to evaluate if it’s something worth changing.

It’s all about finding comfort in a very uncomfortable place. Evolution is equal parts exciting and painful.

In learning about who we are, we’ll also learn the things we want and need in our life. What can be even more difficult is figuring out who we want and need in our life.

There’s definitely an art to learning how to be among others without losing ourselves in the process. Sometimes as hard as we may try a certain, someone isn’t a good fit either based on their criteria, our own, or both. Part of being our most authentic self is to understand how to establish healthy dynamics. Shedding the false skins of our identities may also mean shedding relationships.

This isn’t to say those who question our nature are all damaging. It’s amazing when we come across others who can challenge us to become a better version of who we already are. The intention isn’t about changing ourselves to fulfill someone else’s needs, it’s about changing ourselves to better fulfill our own needs.

Throughout everything, we need to practice patience and self-acceptance because it’s not going to be easy. Self-discovery will probably be one of the most difficult things we ever do, because it will go on as long as we do.

This is not a destination. This is not a race. This is a journey that cannot be defined by anyone except the person traveling it.

It’s empowering to take control of who we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there.

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