A Poetic Ode To Fuckboys Everywhere

A Poetic Ode To Fuckboys Everywhere

I always thought of myself as a grounded girl, immune from getting swept off my feet.
But then you weren’t the average guy a girl tends to meet.
Words rolled so effortlessly off your tongue that you convinced me they were true.
Now I realize you’d said them a hundred times before, hadn’t you?

Do you tell every girl they’re special, that this time it’s different?
Shower her with praise until she relents?
Do you hold every girl in your arms, whispering secrets for her ears only?
Promise her she’ll never again be lonely?
Do you tell every girl that to what you have now, nothing could ever compare?
Insist your ex was an absolute fxcking mare?
Do you gaze upon every girl that way, as if she means the world to you?
Just to turn around and say you’re through?
Do you give every girl everything at once, then sweet damn nothing at all?
Promise her the world, get bored, watch her fall?

Do you fool every girl the way you fooled me?

I was once the girl you called yours, special, different.
I know now that I believed you because I believe in me.
I deserve more than empty words, promises that fall silent.
I deserve to be loved the way you pretended to love me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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