Here’s Your Extremely Weird 12-Part Web Series Starring Jenny Slate

Flickr/Rebecca Rotenberg
Flickr/Rebecca Rotenberg

There are billions of bizarre things on the Internet. And when you exclude pornography, there are still like five or six things. This is one of those five things.

Catherine, is an abnormally normal web series starring Jenny Slate (SNL, Parks and Rec., The Kroll Show) who co-writes the show with her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp, who also directs it.


If you have even seen an afterschool special—whether in your health class as part of the curriculum or on YouTube as part of a joke—you will immediately recognize the aesthetics and tone of this program. The banality of the set dressing and vanilla dialogue is just right. The soundtrack adds an unnerving element to the otherwise beige world, building suspense into seemingly benign interactions. (WHO’S FUCKING APPLE IS IT?!)

This is the manila folder of web series. More accurately, this is the End Tab Double Divider 18 Point Multi-Fastener Manila Folder of web series. It’s not vaguely boring. It is a specific and calculated neutral. It is magnetically subdued and—even though the characters seem to have undergone a mass lobotomy—you will be strangely hooked on this obscure creation.

[Sidenote to anyone who just graduated from college: on at least some level, this is exactly what it is like to work in any office that has ever existed. Congratulations Class of 2014!] Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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