Ban Bitchy: Here’s The Parody Video You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

Like a kid in a candy store, a virgin…atlantic flight attendant who’s indecisive about doing it for the first time, or anyone who’s attempted to take my takeout order over the phone: you didn’t know what you, nor I, wanted. But comedians Alison Leiby and Alyssa Wolff did. They knew you wanted this video about banning the word “bitchy.” It’s a parody of the “Ban Bossy” video with your friend and mine–but honestly neither of our friends because, c’mon really?–Beyoncé. You wanted it more than bacon, or pizza, or traveling while eating spicy food and reading The Lovely Bones, or whatever else you claim to want on Tinder. Or Grindr. Or Snatchchat, the lesbian Grindr that I just made up.  You wanted this video and now this video, unlike Beyoncé, is yours. Forever. TC mark


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