Comedian Kyle Dunnigan Is Totally Worth Your Precious Time


Comedian Kyle Dunnigan just released his Christmas album, “Craig’s All-Star Rockin’ Christmas, You Guys!” It features some insane songs, some great guest stars, and actual musical talent. All the classic elements of a Christmas album are there: Tim Gunn, aggressive rap, raging elves, ruined families, people stuck in confined spaces, etc.

Best known for his work as the homicidal weirdo Craig, on the television series and in the movie Reno 911!, Dunnigan now writes and performs on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. He also hosts the Professor Blastoff Podcast with comedian Tig Notaro. Additionally Dunnigan’s currently working on a new animated series for Nickelodeon when he’s not too busy accidentally leaving his car running in parking garages, getting off flights in the wrong city, or dressing up like the universe to impress girls.

No stranger to folly, some snippets of stories Kyle has shared on the podcast include: getting the crotch of his blue jeans caught in the wheel of a bicycle his brother was riding; believing he had AIDS (which he didn’t) after having sex once in life and letting that belief compel him to climb onto the stage at a Billy Joel concert in Yankee Stadium; telling his mother the aforementioned story and having her tell him in front of an audience that doctors at one point advised her to abort him; and, of course, many tales of intestinal vulnerability during intimate moments with ladies, including his current girlfriend, Sarah Silverman.

He claims not to enjoy the feeling of embarrassment. Thankfully, he’s learned to deal with his problems by sharing them on stage. So yeah, even if you’re not into Christmas, or albums, or Christmas albums, at least check out Kyle—for your own good. Here is his new holiday music video. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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