10 New Insta-Holiday Classics From The People Who Brought You Love, Actually

1.The Hunger Games, Actually

Set in a dystopian future, this film weaves together the lives of a colorful cast of idiosyncratic ne’erdowells who repeatedly fall in love during their wacky quest to survive the holidays!

2. What We Talk About When We Talk About, Actually

Set in a Slate Magazine article about Internet speech, this film examines a group of people who can only communicate via commonly used phrasal templates, or “snowclones.” They repeatedly entrance each other using posterboard and glances until the ghost of Raymond Carver burns them all to the ground.

3. Dicks, Actually

Set in a Dicks Sporting Goods store this film follows the intersecting romantic tales of five total assholes named Richard. 

4. Kanye West Music Video, Actually

Set in a poster of a knock-off Dali painting on the wall of a liberal arts college dorm room, an upsetting alien landscape, or possibly an ignoramus’s understanding of what Egypt is—this film follows one weirdo as he falls in love with himself over and over again.

5.Hatred, Actually

Set in a New York City subway train with literally 300 people in it, this feel-good holiday classic centers on twelve people whose paths cross when they fall in love while refusing to close their double-wide cat strollers, then share tunafish sandwiches and blast music directly out of their flip cell phones with no earbuds.

6. Lantichrist, Actually

Set in a hellish nightmarescape that slightly resembles a Danish forest, this grotesquely disturbing ultimate romantic comedy centers on a number of couples who are falling in love through encounters with upsetting animal imagery, gore, horrifying bodily attacks to genitals, and accidentally knocking each other’s typewritten novels into ponds!

7. Dr. Notting Hugh Grant Faulty Townton Abbey, Actually

Set in Britain, this British-ish film depicts a group of British people’s love lives that intertwine, Britishly.

8. Dishwasher, Actually

Set in the upper rack of a Whirlpool Gold Top Control Dishwasher in monochromatic steel, this topsy-turvy tale of romance between multiple sets of flatware had an ending that will leave you misty-eyed—and smelling like industrial lemons.

9. Speed 4: Four in the Door, Actually

Set in the barrel of a revolver in the waistband of a guy who is stuck on Christmas day with three other adorably lovelorn people inside the vestibule of a revolving door by an insane supervillain who will blown them up if they don’t stop falling in love–this plot follows the bullets inside of that first guy’s gun as they play Russian roulette with their hearts and romp around each other’s chambers.

10. Freefalling, Actually

Set in the last sixty seconds of a dramatic base-jump video this film follows a group of base-jumpers as they fall… into and out of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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