The 30 Sexiest Halloween Costumes of All Time


1. Sexy Blanket

2. Sexy Cantaloupe

3. Sexy Racist Fry Cook

4. Sexy Dead Giraffe

5. Sexy Idi Amin

6. Sexy Angry Haunted Penis

7. Sexy TJ Maxx Sales Associate with Influenza

8. Sexy Dishwater

9. Sexy Broken Tooth

10. Sexy NES Zapper for Duck Hunt

11. Sexy Dirty Minivan with an Old Apple Lost Somewhere Inside of It

12. Sexy Impetigo

13. Sexy Argument About Trivial Pursuit

14. Sexy Bilateral Reimplantation of the Ureters

15. Sexy Moustache Crumbs

16. Sexy New Jersey Path Train

17. Sexy Humidity

18. Sexy Out-of-breath Conversation About Derivatives

19. Sexy Yellowed Undershirt

20. Sexy Raisin

21. Sexy PowerPoint Presentation

22. Sexy Rectangle

23. Sexy Pol Pot

24. Sexy Raised Hand Signaling for You to Stop Talking Because They’re on the Phone

25. Sexy Speculum

26. Sexy Arrogant Recreational Athlete

27. Sexy Aggressive Insistence That You’re Not Gay

28. Sexy Unidentifiable Stain

29. Sexy Colicky Infant

30. Sexy Rusted Bone Saw Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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