Check Out These “Orange is the New Black” Paper Dolls

Orange is the New Black is the new black.

This Netflix Series of the Summer™ (which I just christened as an actual title that can be bestowed) will imprison your heart.

You already know this though. What you don’t know is artist and designer Emily Niland made some super sweet OITNB paper dolls.

I asked Emily how she came up with the idea for some art inspired by a women’s prison comedy:

“Well, I was mildly obsessed with paper dolls as a kid, by way of this weird American Girl doll subscription that would pick a different girl every month and do paper dolls of her/her mother/grandmother. I have a huge stockpile. It’s kind of amazing.

So I wanted to do a paper doll project and OITNB is perfect because of the way ‘the clothes make the woman’, or at least tell the back story, before they were all brought together by the great equalizer that is a prison jumpsuit.”

You need to check them out, immediately, or sooner – talk about Netflix Instant Gratification. (Someone help me.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – plaits

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