6 Things Your Single Friends Are Tired Of Hearing

Flickr / Jorg Schubert
Flickr / Jorg Schubert

“You’re still young. There’s plenty of time and there’s so much more to life that you must experience.”

Well for starters life can be experienced with a companion, believe it or not. And why are you, “Ms. I have a SO” not experiencing all that life has to offer and taking advantage of your single freedom? That’s what I thought!

“You’re not putting yourself out there. Get out of your shell and meet new people. Don’t freak out and shy away every time someone asks you for a phone number.”

Are you referring to the homeless man who followed me down the street or my next-door neighbor who’s old enough to be my son?

“You’re looking in all the wrong places. Try getting involved in different activities. Join a dance club, the chess team, karate, Wednesday night bingo, anything!”

Was there a “meet other singles like you” convention that I forgot to sign up for? Either I didn’t get the memo or all the places I have possibly gone to are the “wrong places.” Everyone’s either taken, too old, too young, unattractive (both inside and out), or not even the slightest bit interested.

“Be patient. Your Prince Charming is on his way. He’s just stuck in traffic and had to change horses about 16 times after battling an evil fire-breathing dragon along the way.”

I think we’re past that whole “love’s a fairytale” belief that’s been implanted into our brains since we first watched Cinderella. We don’t expect our prince to literally be a prince, but a decent man would be nice. And what’s with all this talk about being patient? I thought I saw a grey hair this morning!

“Being in a relationship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You’re so lucky that you’re single. You have all the freedom in the world.”

Little do they know that it gets boring. All your friends are paired up and after being the odd one out on multiple double dates and triple dates, you start feeling lonely.

“You deserve better. You can do better than him/her. You just wait and see.”

This one usually occurs after breakups when you find yourself crying your eyes out while scarfing down a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s. Better? Yeah, right! Look how many pounds I put on after this tub of Rocky Road. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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