29 Things Only People Who’ve Come Back Home After Months Of Traveling Will Understand

Lee Kay

1. You realize that you may need to start brushing your hair again.

2. People are in way too much of a hurry. You just want to sit on the street with a 25 cent beer and watch the world go by.

3. You realize that you sold almost all of your belongings and now you have a giant house to furnish and adulting is hard.

4. You remember that electric toothbrushes might be the best invention ever.

5. You realize that you have way, way too many clothes and it is so overwhelming that you decide to just stick to the 10 pieces of clothes that you had in your backpack while traveling.

6. You feel on the verge of crying but aren’t exactly sure why (maybe this is just PMS as well).

7. Traveling feels like years ago even though you’ve only been back for 3 weeks.

8. You go and stock up on all the essentials that you’ve missed so dearly including cheez-its, macaroni and cheese, gummy bears, and more cheese-related things.

9. But you kind of miss shitty Asian beers.

10. You forgot what it feels like to have a cell phone with cell service and data at all seconds of the day.

11. You forgot what it feels like to drink water from the faucet.

12. You realize politics are harder to avoid when you’re on American soil.

13. You cannot wait to play all of the board games.

14. You cannot wait to have your girlfriends over and stay up late with wine and talk about girl things since you’ve literally been in the same room with your boyfriend for the past 9 months.

15. You realize how much you and your boyfriend have grown these past months and how much you’ve overcome as a couple, as a team.

16. You feel so different but the US feels so much the same.

17. You realize you have way too many shoe options.

18. You realize you should probably find a job but that sounds pretty awful.

19. You find that sweet leather jacket that you forgot about so it feels like Christmas.

20. Every day, you unpack a little more and realize you forgot you had things, so every day feels like Christmas.

21. People ask you what your favorite part of traveling was and you wonder if they have 10 hours to sit and listen.

22. And you have no idea how to sum up the past 9 months into 5 sentences.

23. You spend 3 whole days comparing auto insurance quotes and health insurance quotes and still can’t make a decision even though while traveling you had to make decisions all day, every day.

24. For the second time, you realize adulting is hard.

25. You should probably throw out most, if not all, of the clothes that you brought traveling because they’re pretty worn and nasty, but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

26. When you see your family for the first time, you realize just how much you missed them and even though you’ll be across the country still, you feel better about being only 2 timezones away.

27. You want ice cream and milkshakes every day.

28. You feel weird, but it does feel good to be back.

29. You start planning your next trip. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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