Confessions Of A Secret Introvert

 super awesome
super awesome

I like it when I’m alone.

I know you wouldn’t think I am. I’m the head of so many organizations, have so many friends, never shy and known to be loud, but that, all of that, is just a front.

I don’t like to talk, but I have to because if I want to get ahead in this world, I can’t be shy. I have dreams, big dreams. And I can’t let anyone, not even myself, pull me a step back from my dreams just because I can’t stand talking to people. So I talk. I do not like it, but I do it.

I don’t like to hang out. I have the world’s most wonderful friends but I just can’t bear the thought of me always going out. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and they’re the best company, but between me, alone, in my own bed, reading a book or watching my favorite series, or me with them, drinking and talking and maybe doing some crazy and fun stuff together, the first option just puts me in a blissful heaven.

I don’t like teamwork. Sure, that’s pretty awesome and teamwork just makes things a lot easier, but not for me. Give me a load or better yet, give me the entire load! I wouldn’t care. At least I’m doing things my way and I know it won’t get screwed up by someone else not as entirely devoted as I am. Control freak + Perfectionist + Introvert = Perfect Person for the job.

I don’t like to open up. What you think you know of me is really nothing. We can talk all day and I will listen to all your stories and you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them very vaguely but very creatively that you will think you’ve gotten something special out of me but the truth is you will never know things about me unless I deliberately decide to tell you so which, most frankly, will never happen. Because I don’t like to open up. I am in my perfect little ball of me, thank you very much.

I am not lonely, unlike what most think of introverts. I am perfectly happy eating in a restaurant by myself, watching a movie by myself, shopping by myself. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s what I decide to do and it’s not because I do not have a choice. We’re comfortable this way. We like it this way. We aren’t lonely this way.

If we, introverts, let you in, appreciate it. We don’t do it to everyone. Heck, we do it to no one! But we let you in and it’s gonna be a long way before you truly know us. So please be patient. We’re colorful and crazy and you’ll see that bundled up inside of us are different things and beautiful ideals and just really really wonderful souls. But of course people won’t see that just so, we choose to keep it inside. Why wouldn’t we? We’re introverts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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