I Am Infinity—And So Are You

Who am I ?

What do you mean

by that,


Who are you?

What is your

reason for

waking up

in the morning?

What do you stand for?

You see,

you and me-

who I am,

and who you are—

well, they’re really

not that different.

The truth of this

came to me clearer

as I watched the

world turn

on separate


passed throughout

the years.

I don’t find it

easy to respond

with simple answers,

meaningless vowels

matched with syllables

just hoping to convey

a message that

is half


The real answer


is not what

you might think.

I could tell you

in a few short


but I don’t think

within the complex

span of a human’s


that small talk

amounts to much

more than

a distraction.

So I’ll

grit my teeth,

prepare my heart

and tell you

the truth:

I am everything

and I am



I am the moon,

the sun,

each and every


as it shifts

view with

the changing of

the seasons.

I am the whiteness

of the ocean

when it slips up

to the shore

and makes its

frothy descent

back home.

I am the trees

in my parents’

yard. The ones

I used to climb

to run away

from the boys.

I am my old

children’s books,

the smell

of summer bonfires

licking s’mores

off burning

sticks of wood.

I am my old

stick-on earrings,

glittery costume


a background character

in a school play,

the crush of my


male classmate.

I am the same

as the soil,

yet I shift

with the malleability

of the wind.

I am every



each obstacle


In answer to

your question,

I am simply


within the knowledge

that I am not.

That I am nothing.

And that is everything.

That is infinity.

Don’t you understand now,

when I say we are the same?


is what

you are


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