Remember: The Most Important Thing Is That You Were Brave

In the moments when you wish you hadn’t tried at all, remember: the most important thing is that you were brave.

Come closer,


The melancholic

smiling girl.

Hold tight your


polka-dot umbrella

and come near

to the glass;

you’ll see your own


bright as day.

Much clearer now

than you had seen

the night


you said goodbye

and kissed your

fingers to the


saluting your


like a soldier

lost at sea.

Go to the old

brick village

where you met

with him that day;

a love, of course,

but bigger God,

and in deep prayer

you’ll meet again

the voice of truth

that might surprise

a heart like yours:


Trace memories

down canals

and drink a cup

of fresh espresso,

breathe in freshness

of the day’s spring rain

and let nostalgia

bring him there

to be with you

and stay a while.

Yet only for a moment.

You needn’t let it

linger any longer

than a second

or two.

The past is simply

that, my dear.

No use in holding

tight to ghosts.

You’ll only fall

right through them.

You’re a magical girl,

you know.

A light.

As bright as a day

could conjure.

But you shine best

in the nighttime.

When the dark has all

but consumed your

weary aching heart

remember, girl,

you faltered and

you failed;

you tried

and you gave in;

you loved and

then you lost;

but most importantly,

my darling,

you were brave.

Brave enough to

let it go,

if only for a minute.

Brave enough to

love him so,

if needy, unrelenting.

You were brave.

When the night is over

sun alive on

bright horizons

and your love is just

in memory,

this is what they all

will have to say.

That you were brave.

Remember that.

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