I Don’t Hate You

Zachary Staines

I hate that you ended it.
I hate that you didn’t have the courage to face me.

I hate that you broke off all our plans.
I hate that you put me through months of anxiety and rejection, only to end it anyway.

I hate that the life we planned together isn’t what you want any more.

I hate that you didn’t try harder.
I hate that you barely tried at all.

I hate that what we had meant more to me than you.

I hate how you’ve treated me.
I hate how you’ve changed.
I hate how this new city has changed you even more.

I hate the mess you’ve left me in.

I hate all the pieces I have to pick up.
I hate all the decisions I have to make.
I hate that this is what happened to us.

I hate the awkward politeness we have now when we talk.

I hate having to tell people that we’re over.
I hate referring to you as my ‘ex’.
I hate that that’s what we are now, exes.

I hate that we will no longer be best friends. How could we be?

I hate that we’ll drift apart.

I hate that we’ll see other people.
I hate that you’ll see other people.

I hate that we’ll talk less and less.
I hate that our lives will move on in different cities.

I hate that we’ll stop talking.
I hate that what we had will become nothing.
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