How To Rock A Souvenir T-Shirt After Your Vacation

Since coming back from our trip and going through the wardrobe I shipped to my parent’s house when we moved out of our apartment in Korea, I’ve come to realize I have basically no clothes left.

I had this moment of insanity when we were packing up our life into boxes AGAIN earlier this year and I just about donated everything that I owned.

“I don’t need this” I kept saying as I tossed yet another cute shirt/skirt/pair of jeans into a pile to put in the donation boxes.

I felt burdened by all my stuff and I just wanted to get rid of it.

Now that I’m back I’m stuck with a pair of jeans, a few dresses that I bought in Bangkok and the souvenir t-shirts I collected during our trip.

Some are destined for the gym, others may not even be allowed out of the house. But I snagged a few with life in mind and here’s how I’ve styled them.

Super Girly

Provided by the author.
Provided by the author.

I feel like I can’t take credit for this look. I stole it from a girl I met while we were in Thailand. She had a cute flowy skirt on and a souvenir t-shirt from some random place I’ve never heard of. Her shirt was cropped and it looked so damn cute I was annoyed I didn’t buy myself some child-sized shirts to pull off the same look (I’m not even joking).

My shirt is a small. I wanted to make sure it was really fitted. If it’s baggy or too big it will be too hard to wear. I tucked it into a simple black cotton skirt and added my green Guess wedges and Zara leather jacket (not similar, but way cuter). Topped it all off with a red lip crayon from Ulta (in Glamour).


Provided by the author.
Provided by the author.
Provided by the author.
Provided by the author.

Same shirt as above, worse face since I don’t know how to take myself seriously when posing for photos of myself (soooo awkward). This is one of my favorites and one I feel like I would wear a lot more often, especially as we come into the cooler weather.

Nice fitted tshirt with tweed blazer from Jcrew (similar styles are always in store), no brand skinny jeans I bought in Korea and Michael Kors patent leather Oxford heels that I bought about 10 years ago from DSW and have never actually worn (am I the only one that’s done this?). Cheesy sunglasses and an old pink lip from Mary Kay to finish (similar one here).


Provided by the author.
Provided by the author.

Is this boho? I don’t know, but someone on Instagram told me it was, so I’m going with it (Instagram is never wrong). It’s been so warm lately, so I tossed on my Cambodia t-shirt – not as tight as the Thailand T, but still a slim fit – with a pair of jean shorts that I made out of a pair of Luke’s old skinny jeans, boots I bought in Vietnam and an old Ralph Lauren sweater found in TJ Maxx. TC mark

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