We Live In A World Of Distractions And Endless Options

I often wonder the things I could accomplish if my phone wasn’t stuffed full of the latest and greatest apps. Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, how are we to focus on anything of significance? The scariest distractions of late have to be those pesky dating apps. Bumble, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Coffee meets Bagel whatever you choose I wish you wouldn’t.

Perhaps I am just stuck in a cloudy haze of things I’ve seen in romantic comedies. But I find dating today to be scary and so void of anything charming or romantic. It has made the spectrum of potential prospects too wide and too easy to come by. Growing up you’d hear stories of how your friends’ parents met; in class, at a party in college, at a supermarket, at the bank. I would love to meet someone at the bank. Go in to deposit a check and come out with a date. To me that sounds so much more ideal than mutually liking some vain photos of each other and then waiting to see which one of you will start that superficial texting match.

So when you see me, just approach me. We can even do the whole “When Harry Met Sally” deal and pretend we are just friends for a while. Please, just don’t make me meet you over my phone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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