Don’t Be Someone Who Settles

Unsplash / Greg Raines
Unsplash / Greg Raines

In this life, there is one thing you should never ever do. That is, to not settle. Whether it is about you, about love, or about your struggles in life, settling is never an option.

About yourself

When people call you ugly, stupid, ignorant, or even crazy, DO NOT SETTLE. Never ever keep quiet when people stomp at you and criticize you. Learn to speak up and defend yourself. Tell them, “Mind you, what you say about me, don’t define me. They define who you REALLY are”. Show them what you’re capable of. Show them that you are greater than people’s opinions of you. You are beautiful, honey. Remember that. Remember that beauty doesn’t lie on the surface. It lies deeper within you. Beauty is already marked in your heart ever since you were brought into this world, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON.

About love

When people are telling you to go for the guy you don’t even fancy just because they think you wouldn’t find a great guy to spend your life with, DO NOT SETTLE. You know that you have to do? You have to flip your hair, turn the other side and continue finding love. Find the guy you truly love and deserve. Love is as precious as life. It cannot be chosen within your safety net. Love is beyond your comfort zone. You need to choose the love that is best for you, the one that will challenge you to become a better person, not the one that will drag you down or put your life into a standstill.

Although it will be hard finding and fighting for the love you deserve, it will be worth it. Because in the end, when love is already beside you, this real, honest, and undiminished love will make your life a little more bearable. It won’t always give you happy days, but it will surely uplift you, strengthen you and complete you. So never ever choose a love you don’t deserve.

About your struggles

When you’ve become so disheartened with all the failures, the problems that are being thrown at you, I’m telling you, DO NOT SETTLE. These obstacles were given to you because YOU CAN CARRY THEM. You can raise them up and crash them, stomp them and defeat them one by one. Do not give up just because you’re currently faced with roadblocks.

Keep in mind that you were given this life because you can handle it.

You were given this blessing to live, to cherish and absorb all that life has to offer. These problems are far too small to give up on what lies beyond. If you must, pause. Reflect. But never stop, never settle. Keep going until you can tell the world, “I did it. I did it because I never stopped. Because I never stopped believing in myself. Because I never stopped believing in life”.

Go on. See to it that you go for what you really want. See to it that you never choose what’s “good,” that you only choose what’s “best.” See to it that you never stop even if it gets tough. But most of all, see to it that you’ll never settle for something less than you deserve. Remember, you are greater than the one who settles. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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