All Women Are Crazy

The Carrie Diaries

Girls, listen up. Guys like to give us a bad rap when it comes to our actions and our feelings but truthfully, they are not always that wrong. Being a girl who has mostly guy friends, I have had the privilege of listening in to some serious guy talk and witnessing first hand just how crazy girls can be. I really hate using the term ‘crazy’ to describe our actions as females but truthfully some of the shit we do is pretty mental.

First things first: We are all crazy. We are simply just varying degrees of crazy. For example, I like to think I am pretty normal but if you asked my ex, he would probably tell you I belong in a mental institution. I think we would both agree however that my craziest moments happened when I was hungry and therefore, it’s not completely my fault. I like to think I’m pretty sane but don’t we all?

First Degree: The Normal Crazy

You’re the girl who is pretty easy to get along with. You seem to go with the flow and can control all your actions. You think before you say or do things but once a bit of alcohol gets into your system, the crazy slips out. Whether you’re yelling at someone in the club or texting your ex asking why he doesn’t love you, it’s your only real moment of crazy. It happens so rarely that you are basically forgiven for your actions. Thank God.

Second Degree: The Jealous Crazy

You tend to get a little crazy when you see the guy you like is talking to another girl. You’ll probably say some snarky comment about how she’s “soooooo pretty” or ask what her name is and how you know her. You like to show your dominance over the guy in your life, even if that means occasionally sneaking a peak at his phone or stalking his Facebook. You write it off as just being curious or protecting yourself and most of the time it’s pretty harmless… until you mention that text you accidentally read while he was in the bathroom and World War III breaks out over some dumb girl who is clearly trying to steal your man.

Third Degree: The Nutcase

You’re the girl that guys talk about when they say crazy. You are the girl who stalks guys, who gets mad if he even has a girl friend, who is in complete denial about your relationship status with a guy –- or lack there of. I mean, it’s not totally your fault. The guy probably said a bunch of nice stuff and made some amazing promises to get you into bed but now he’s on to the next girl.

You, however, are not going to let that happen. He will be yours and you don’t care how it happens. Due to your “true love” for the guy that was in your life for five minutes, you will do crazy things and because of that, you will always be seen as being totally nuts, even if you really are a sweet girl who just fell pray to a douche guy. You, however, are the one who give us all a bad reputation, so thanks for that.

So guys, good luck finding someone who isn’t completely crazy. Chances are if you have found her, you’ve probably friend-zoned her because she didn’t mess with your head enough.

Important Note: Any of our actions that occur during that time of the month we are not held accountable for. Those moments do not accurately portray who we are or how crazy we really may be. During these moments, we are all forgiven, despite what level of crazy you may really be.

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