45 Essentials For A Fulfilling And Productive Life

1.   A journal in which you write honest self-reflections, streams-of-consciousness paragraphs, lists, life-changing quotes, favorite song lyrics, charts, and future plans.

2.   An individualized planning system that helps you keep track of important things you need to do each day, week, month, and year (a bullet journal is highly recommended but not required).

3.   A large notebook that’s solely dedicated to ongoing learning for professional development (useful for marketing certification courses, coding, languages, and other in-demand skills).

4.   An aesthetically appealing and leak-proof water bottle that makes drinking water enjoyable and helps you reduce waste.

5.   A personal mission statement.

6.   A vision board.

7.   An understanding of your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

8.   A timeline of your life, so you can see how far you’ve progressed.

9.   A collection of your most favorite books that have influenced the way you think about yourself, human nature, and life in general.

10. A consistent cleaning routine.

11. Ability to prioritize and identify what you must focus on to help you overcome daily challenges.

12. High-quality pens that you actually enjoy writing with.

13. A fitness routine that’s best for your health needs.

14. Immunity to marketing tactics from companies and businesses that don’t align with your values or provide anything that’s relevant to your lifestyle.

15. Ability to delay gratification.

16. An efficient money management system.

17. Something you absolutely love that you’re also good at. And the ability to critique yourself honestly and get even better at it.

18. Level-headedness and the power to remain calm in all situations.

19. Discernment. Especially when determining a person’s character and trustworthiness.

20. Shrewdness. Especially with time and money.

21. Wisdom. Especially with your personal life philosophy.

22. Self-control. With everything.

23. Love for who you are, what you have to give, and what value you bring to the world.

24. A solid understanding of your self-worth.

25. At least three go-to recipes of healthy and filling meals that you can make in under 15 minutes.

26. A go-to health-conscious grocery list, so that you’re not grabbing random stuff off the shelves or eating nutritious foods sporadically.

27. Ability to let go of people, things, and beliefs that prevent you from growing and changing into a better version of yourself.

28. Ability to see yourself objectively so that you can speak of yourself without self-deprecation or arrogance.

29. Curiosity and willingness to learn new things.

30. Two to three very supportive and trustworthy close friends.

31. Seeing your mistakes for what they are and taking responsibility for them.

32. Patience for those times when you don’t succeed on your first try and when most things in life don’t go your way.

33. Persistence for challenging endeavors that are worth doing because you’ll be better financially, mentally, and existentially.

34. Realistic expectations for any given timeframe.

35. Mental and physical preparation for adversity and sudden, unpredictable changes around you.

36. Three evacuation plans and a bag with all of your most important belongings, so that you’re not scrambling around last minute in case something disastrous does happen.

37. Inner peace which helps you understand that all things will pass and life is only a transitory experience.

38. Connections with people that inspire you to be better than you were yesterday.

39. A capsule wardrobe to help with finding your personal style, making mornings more efficient, and saving money.

40. An inventory of all your personal belongings so you can find things in less than two minutes.

41. Strong intuition that will save you whenever conscious reasoning won’t.

42. A vision of your most authentic future self.

43. Excitement for the future you’re going to create for yourself.

44. Contentment with the power you already have within you.

45. Gratitude. For yourself. For others. For the big things. For the little things. For your pain. For your suffering. For the good times. And for all of life’s lessons and beautiful wonders of yesterday, today, and the years to come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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