13 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Evolving For The Better

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1.  You’re never complacent, and you always seek out ways you can do better, learn from what you’ve done, and grow closer towards the ideal version of yourself without obsessing over perfection. You never assume that you can just get by doing what other people are doing for survival and acceptance in society.

2.  You believe that the world as it is now is a terrible, brutal, and unforgiving place to be in because of powerful people who are resistant to change, cannot see their own faults for what they are, are unwilling to atone for their mistakes, and turn a blind eye to those who are traumatized by the consequences of their actions. You want to be the exact opposite of them and strive to become more of an incredibly self-aware and empathetic person.

3.  You understand that true contentment doesn’t come from having your way all the time. However, you do want to ensure that you find strategic way to solve recurring problems in your life more than you sit back and complain about them.

4.  Day by day, you feel that other people’s judgments of you matter to you less. You see their judgments as merely opinions that fluctuate with their feelings, not truths that are set in stone or indicative of a bleak future for you. You know you have nothing to prove to people that hurt you, and you recognize that no matter how much you live your life for them, they will always find something else to be dissatisfied about.

5.  You’re ruthless about uprooting anything that holds you back from pursuing the life that your freest and most highly-evolved self desires. And that ideal self radiates vitality, creative energy, and the form of power that heals others, in contrast to the common type of power that crushes the human spirit and exploits others.

6.  You are brutally honest with yourself and demonstrate self-awareness. You understand how you think, feel, and react in various situations. You’re able to adapt to unpredictable changes in life and do so in a way that helps you become more resilient, creative, and future-oriented.

7.  You know deep down that you’re not a helpless or tortured creature, despite how much toxic people, your peers, and society in general make you feel that way. You believe that you have much more inner power to transform your life in a way that aligns with your deepest and most authentic self.

8.  On any given day, you spend more time reflecting on your life and doing activities that foster personal growth. You spend very little time consuming things for instant gratification or fear of missing out, and you are in the process of rooting out unhealthy obsessions that keep you high on escapism from real problems in your life.

9.  You are highly sensitive to and uncomfortable with the things that exist in your life that you don’t want. This may include toxic people that keep you constrained and unable to grow, unhealthy habits, lifestyle choices that were imposed on you, and old thoughts that keep you stifled and always reacting to anything new with fear. Unlike most people you know, you don’t brush off these things and would rather face them head-on, analyze their origins, remove yourself from situations that trigger them, and establish new habits that would help you vanquish them for good.

10. You are passionate about mindful living and deliberate lifestyle design. You understand that there’s more to life than keeping up with appearances and pursuing things out of lack and fear, which is how much of the world operates. You are content with yourself, you know there is a wholeness within you, and your goals in life revolve around how you can better yourself for your own sake, not out of guilt or fear of not measuring up.

11. You acknowledge that your skewed view of yourself comes from years of social conditioning that makes you believe that you are incapable of breaking free from a scarcity-induced and fear-based lifestyle. The habits you establish, the life goals you set for yourself, and your mindset indicate that you are willing to create a life of abundance for yourself, regardless of how much others want to discourage you and prevent you from doing so.

12. You love to spend most of your time alone and do not want to associate with people who believe in upholding an outward image of society’s definition of success. You do not socialize with coworkers that only exist to work hard and party hard or keep in contact with old friends and family members who always judge you for pursuing your own life on your own terms.

13. You work on improving yourself, yet you do so with forgiveness and self-love. You seek change and inner growth from a place of contentment and wholeness, which you understand is ultimately more sustainable and everlasting than trying to change yourself from a place of lack, external pressure, and emptiness. You are not the same person that you were a year ago, and you recognize that the best quality about yourself is that you are always open to change, and thus, you keep evolving for the better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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