11 INFJ Characteristics That Make Them The Ideal Leaders

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INFJs may not be the first type of people that come to mind when you think about a great leader. The majority of leaders around the world and throughout history seem to be everything that an INFJ is not. INFJs aren’t the typical charismatic, power-hungry, domineering, or overly-authoritative leaders that have made names for themselves by exuding toughness and callousness for the sake of power and their own gain.

But what if INFJs did rule the world, the workplace, and took charge in influencing the way people live?

People would be able to pursue their passions with the purpose of giving valuable lessons to others and catalyzing inner growth. There would be no more fear-based decisions that crush the human spirit. Favoritism, nepotism, and social biases would no longer be issues in the workplace, the government, or anywhere else. People would no longer be driven by profit or gain at the expense of their mental health and wellbeing – instead, they’d have plenty of time to recharge and reflect, which would enable them to create businesses that align with their visions and contribute something wholesome that people actually want to add to their lives.

Here are some characteristics that INFJs have and how they show potential for being the ideal leaders:

1. They’re planners

They are strategic planners that possess the ability to plan forward and backward while also taking into account the importance of balancing the realistic and the ideal, which enables them to make goals that are attainable in a way that facilitates growth and change, rather than expecting and demanding instantaneous perfection.

2. They care about inner growth

They are obsessed with inner growth and bettering oneself from within. Because they think deeply about themselves and about their impact on the world, they desire to make changes that would not only help themselves, but inspire change in others to better themselves.

3. They’re empathetic

They deeply empathize with people who are suffering and have been rejected for not conforming to social norms. Thus, they would treat people with fairness and ensure that people have the opportunity to speak, ignite change, and do everything that’s authentic to them.

4. They’re very self-aware

They are very self-aware in every aspect of their lives. They are sensitive about how they impact others and how their actions and words can have a strong effect on people. They want to lead by example, practice what they preach, and hide nothing that they’d be ashamed about. Instead of expecting others to do what they can’t do themselves, they strive to identify what areas they need to work on and exhibit the characteristics of the ideal leader, so that they are trustworthy, honest, and unable to be judged as hypocrites.

5. They love unconditionally

INFJs have experienced life as a conditional game and are tired of living up to expectations by those who cannot show any empathy for their struggles to fit in. They want people to be valued and loved unconditionally because it’s in their nature to care about people and listen to them, instead of viewing them as replaceable machines for the sake of personal gain, profit, or boosting their own power.

6. They’re open-minded and natural learners

They love to learn and understand things from all perspectives. Rather than viewing new ideas and thoughts with fear and contempt, they love to learn new things and view each issue from a variety of perspectives because they are genuinely curious and love exploring the unknown with a sense of childlike wonder. They are constantly evolving, so they do not readily adopt any dogma that stifles growth.

7. They show vulnerability and humility

They don’t try to act tough or callous all the time because they know that people need to be understood and listened to, not tortured or blamed for being inadequate. By sharing the most vulnerable parts of themselves, they enable others to be courageous in sharing their stories and being more open and honest about their personal struggles. This facilitates self-improvement because people are more likely to grow when they know people are supportive of them and won’t judge them for being imperfect and flawed.

8. They choose purpose over profit every time

They want to create products and services that help the world in some way. They are conscious about their impact on people’s mental health and nature.

9. They value rest and rejuvenation

They believe in the power of self-reflection and taking the time to slow down instead of working restlessly. They understand that there’s more to life than being brutally competitive and rushing to nowhere worth being in the long run.

10. They always see the big picture

They are experts at synthesizing information and experiences and creating a bigger picture. They do not get caught up in the most frivolous of details, the pettiest of grievances, or pointless arguments in which both sides just want to be right. They view things holistically and see all aspects of life as interconnected, so they focus more on what they can do, how they can connect people and ideas, and how they can facilitate growth to create a more harmonious system in which everyone can thrive and live a life that isn’t driven by fear of judgment.

11. They can predict the future

They can see the future and predict things more accurately than those typical leaders who are too blinded by their vainglory and ego. They know the devastating consequences of taking actions that are based on fear and pride, so they want to ensure that all actions they take are based on growth, humility, and soulful reflection.

Their wisdom, self-awareness, and visionary mindset enable them to create a better future for all people, but especially who have been traumatized by living under ruthless and callous leaders who put fear in their hearts. They want all people to be valued, loved, and cared for because they themselves know what it’s like not to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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