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9 Little Miracles That Happen When You Get Out Of Your Own Way

1. Your thoughts, feelings, decisions, habits, and actions originate from a sense of wholeness rather than a sense of emptiness; in other words, you do things because you recognize that you have everything you need within to grow into a more refined version of yourself, not because you want to chase after things for short-term happiness or pleasure.

2. Your identity revolves around what you personally stand for rather than what certain social or political groups stand for. The way you identify yourself doesn’t involve labeling yourself as a member of a certain group. You don’t make yourself small trying to become a little mouthpiece for someone else’s agenda, nor do you engage in arguments in which opposing sides hurl toxic words at each other and get absolutely nothing resolved.

3. You are able to rest when you feel like you’re worn out without feeling any sort of guilt. You are able to get lost in a state of restful bliss without reprimanding yourself for being lost. You view rest as something that helps you find yourself, rather than losing yourself.

4. You overthink less and do more. You think less about the hypothetical situations and act more upon the present reality and capture the little moments before they quickly pass away.

5. You are filled with a sense of joy and absolute peace when you experience the littlest things that you wouldn’t have given a second thought to before – the blueness of the sky, the smell of flowers after it just rained, the radiating light of the sun, reading something that you resonate with, waking up to a new day, sitting in complete silence, and witnessing the wonders of all of nature’s very intricate details.

6. You journal a lot and feel better for it. You are able to reflect honestly on your past without ruminating over it. You are able to plan for a future that is free from social conditioning or the urgent need to prove yourself. Your goals align with who you are now, not with the type of person that you feel obligated to become out of external pressure.

7. You gravitate towards high-quality yet simple material goods that fit your aesthetic and are practical for use in daily life. You understand that mindless consumption, spending as a coping mechanism for dealing with your emotions, and pretending to look materially successful are all empty means of validating yourself as the type of person that is outwardly wealthy. You know that you weren’t born to show external measures of proof of wealth – you just want to surround yourself with things that enhance the quality of your life in a balanced way and focus on allocating your resources and energy for passions that you genuinely desire to pursue.

8. You are able to manage your emotions and become more attuned to the reasons why you express certain reactions in various situations. You can identify what kind of external things trigger you, which surroundings affect your mood, and the underlying causes of reactions that have a repeated history of sending you into a toxic downward spiral. You also recognize that in order for you to control your negative emotions, you need to make small lifestyle changes that would help you break free from whatever is a major source of stress.

9. You have secured perpetual peace for yourself despite living in a world that’s constantly at war and seeking strife over both the pettiest of things and the major problems that have no definite solutions. You are at peace with the person you are (without any regard to your exterior social reputation), despite how many external things try to disrupt the peace you have found within. You live each day with the assurance that you are doing your absolute best in your own life and have nothing to prove to a single soul on earth but your own. TC mark

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