16 Things Creative, Intrinsically-Motivated Millennials Are Totally Fed Up With

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1. They are fed up with sacrificing their values just to pursue profit over purpose, external measures of success over internal values of success, the soulless pursuits over the soulful, and someone else’s approval over their own fulfillment.

2. They are fed up with being labeled as entitled. All they long for is a life where they are able to sustain themselves by contributing something profound and valuable that can’t be manufactured or produced in a soulless way. They do not want to resign themselves to a life that’s dependent on unfulfilling work imposed by condescending authority figures just for the sake of a measly wage. They don’t want to waste their life slaving away in a place that sucks the soul out of them and is detrimental to their health.

3. They are tired of people telling them that self-reflection, creating something that’s true to yourself, and digging deep into the soul are activities that waste time because these things “don’t generate profit.”

4. They are sick to death of hearing how they’ll end up as starving artists who leech off of society, challenge the status quo, pollute society with unconventional expressions, and do not contribute anything that is profitable or even useful.

5. They don’t want to be told that they’ll end up lost and meandering around without an aim in life, especially when the people telling them this are people whose sole aim is to make profit at the expense of humanity.

6. They are tired of callous people telling them that real life is about survival of the fittest, getting ahead of other people, and seeing all other competitors as threats that they must oust out of the competition.

7. They despise being rejected over a hundred times in their attempts to fit in and do what all normal adults are supposed to be doing, so much that they want to give up and say, “f%ck this sh*t,” not because they are lazy, but because they have the foresight to understand that if they continue along this path, they’ll end up either nowhere or at a dead end – both which are places they would hate to be. They want to be empowered and determined to create their own path in which they don’t have to compromise their sanity just to grovel for someone’s “yes.” They are wise enough to know that trying to fit in is the first step towards failure and perpetual misery.

8. They are fed up with people who seek every opportunity to tell them that they don’t meet their standards. While all people have things that they need to improve on, constant belittlement and deconstructive criticism that lowers someone’s morale are counter-productive, toxic, and debilitating. This actually fosters a mindset of failure, which scars the heart and discourages the mind.

9. They are fed up with micromanagement and the way it fosters a culture of fear and distrust. They hate how micromanagers always point out the most petty and trivial mistakes as a means to assert their superiority and belittle those that they think are beneath them.

10. They are fed up with arrogant and miserable people that tell them what to do with their lives, period.

11. They are tired of people telling them that they aren’t worthy or disciplined enough based on how “imperfect” their lives look. They are tired of people constantly scrutinizing their mistakes and defining them by their failures.

12. They despise how people tell them that money should be the number one motivating factor for achieving success. Intrinsically-motivated millennials know all too well that people who chase money for the sake of it are the ones who end up miserable and trapped in the vicious cycle of wanting and living in fear.

13. They are fed up with living in fear and how it pressures them to pursue the common path that leads to the state of “having it all.” They don’t want a specific lifestyle imposed on them because that requires them to sacrifice their true, innermost self for the sake of being a clone of the typical externally successful plastic person that others highly praise in society.

14. They are tired of shoving their raw emotions under the rug and plastering on a fake smile and telling others that they are “doing good.” They understand that it is not appropriate to express all of their emotions in certain situations, but rather, what they hate most is the culture of fake happiness and the expectation that they have to be happy all the time or else they’re mentally ill if they falter once.

15. They hate being defined as unsuccessful based on someone else’s perspective of success (which involves measuring the exterior and neglecting the interior).

16. They are fed up with this socioeconomic system in which flattery and backstabbing are common tactics that people use to get ahead, grown-ass adults still thrive on causing petty drama at the expense of those who don’t fit in, trauma is used for crushing the human spirit, profit and exploitation are praised, the cruel and callous are elevated as gods, genuine expressions are pushed into the gutter, creativity is seen as a threat to existing powers, and people are labeled as worthless based on how poorly they fall in line. Creative, intrinsically-motivated millennials desire, more than anything else, to defend their right to pursue a life full of inner peace, wisdom, soulful creativity, and simple joys. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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