14 Paradoxes Of Life As An INFJ Libra Woman

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In this age of reflective self-discovery, it’s no wonder why millennials LOVE sharing and reading articles about different Myers-Briggs personality types and Zodiac signs. INFJ’s have quite the reputation for being the rarest, which translates into, “INFJ’s are the best at everything that humanity hasn’t quite achieved yet – empathizing with others in the most genuine way possible, being highly creative, having an ideal vision for the future, embodying the quintessential walking paradox, and mastering the art of deep introspection.” Libras have the reputation for being the most balanced, most beautiful, and wisest of all Zodiacs.

But what about an INFJ woman who’s also a Libra?

She’s a woman who exhibits many contradictory characteristics at once. She can do contradictory things at the same time. She’s a gentle yet formidable force to be reckoned with. She’s very simple and complex. She’s a very chill yet intense badass who understands all of the complex nuances of herself and will stop at nothing to create the life that is distinct, memorable, purposeful, and in true alignment with her deepest longings.

So without further adieu, let’s explore some of the strangest, yet most fascinating paradoxes of an INFJ Libra woman:

1. She is equally as balanced as she is prone to extremes.

She is meticulous in creating a balanced schedule and designing a holistic lifestyle in which she is able to devote high-quality time for all aspects of her life – professional, creative, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. However, she often finds herself operating in all-or-nothing mode. She either pours intense passion into what she does or completes tasks with an apathy that makes you wonder if she’s even there.

2. She possesses a laser-sharp focus on whatever she’s doing at the moment, yet she has a wandering mind.

Her mind is like a laser when it comes to working on a project or doing an activity that requires a lot of focus, yet at the same time, she’s capable of strategizing her next moves, imagining life 25 years from now, thinking about what to cook for dinner, making a mental checklist of upcoming appointments, wandering back to childhood memories, ruminating over what she has done wrong, thinking of things she wants to say to a certain person, worrying about what she has to do tomorrow, and also mixing in about hundreds of different and completely unrelated thoughts – all at once.

3. She is gentle and peaceable, but she can be very fierce and warrior-like.

Her demeanor constantly in opposition with her internal state of mind – she may appear calm and serene on the outside with her battle-cry raging on the inside or she may appear very intense on the outside and completely zen on the inside. She is also capable of having the demeanor of both at the same time.

4. She is as collectively cooperative as she is individualistically competitive.

She genuinely feels happy when she is helping others succeed (through writing something inspiring, mentoring, or leading) and contributing to a group, but she also pushes herself to be better than her competitors in all that she does and refines her strategies in order to distinguish herself from others.

5. With her feelings, she is passionate and expressive. She is also very withdrawn and unexpressive.

She expresses herself in artistic, complex, and nuanced ways through a variety of creative mediums and doesn’t restrain herself from pouring out her heart and soul to anyone. However, she shields herself from her emotions just as much as she expresses them, so she has the reputation for being withdrawn and having a forbidden-looking face whenever she goes out. She’s the type who would share her whole life story to a stranger yet regularly hides in her room to avoid family members and friends who ask about how she’s feeling. She’s also the type who puts up a disinterested face in public yet shares her deepest secrets and feelings with those closest to her.

6. She is as guarded as she is vulnerable.

She is most afraid of people seeing her in her most vulnerable state, weeping about her unhealed wounds and feelings that she has kept buried over the years, yet that is exactly what she wants people to see and know about her.

7. She wants to blend in as much as she wants to stand out. She does blend in as much as she stands out.

She likes blending in and not drawing too much attention to herself. She prefers to look modest and adorn herself with timeless, classic staples. However, she wants to stand out in both the way she presents herself and the way she pursues her dreams in life. She’s a master at weaving the practical with the whimsical, the creative with the logical, the cautionary with the unpredictable, and the past with the future. She’s the ultimate “It girl” because her aesthetic, her balanced approach to things, and her expressions are so refined and on point. She creates things that people are immediately drawn to in a way that can’t be broken down into a formula or a method because she just possesses that mysterious personal touch that is distinctly hers and can’t be taught or passed along to someone else.

8. She’s just as chill as she is intense.

When you talk to her, you just feel at ease because of her chill vibes and relaxed demeanor. However, she can be intimidating and has that very intense stare that pierces through your soul, in search of your deepest and most hidden of secrets that only she is capable of extricating.

9. She’s very observant when it comes to studying people, all while remaining in her own solitary bubble.

She is the classic introvert who needs to spend a lot of time on highly creative solitary activities to rejuvenate herself. But she loves analyzing and studying people so much that it’s unsettling how she seems to get you and know everything about you, even things that your friends or family members don’t know or understand about you. You get the feeling that she sees right through you and knows your life story, all within seconds of meeting her for the first time.

10. She is an unbiased pacifist, yet she also dwells in extremes.

She is capable of understanding where people’s perspectives come from and showing empathy. Nothing will convince her to get involved in heated debates between two opposing parties because she prefers to remain neutral and unbiased. However, she is just as capable of arguing for two extremes. She is an old-fashioned traditionalist just as much as she is a futuristic, free-spirited rebel.

11. She has a hard time deciding what to do, yet she knows exactly what to choose. She allows her overthinking mind to make things happen at a snail’s pace just as much as she completes things at lightning speed.

She is known for being very indecisive and taking too long trying to decide what to choose. She is slow at completing things because she overthinks everything and makes plans A through Z just to be prepared for the hypothetical situations that she’s uncertain about. However, she is very quick about choosing something and getting it done in an efficient way, faster than the average person and producing volumes of it with consistent high-quality.

12. She’s a skeptic idealist and an idealistic skeptic.

She looks at all situations, beliefs, and ideas with a very critical eye and demands evidence, facts, and quantitative proofs, yet at the same time, she believes that she has the power to create an ideal future and create things that haven’t been created before.

13. She dwells the past as much as she dwells in the future.

She overanalyzes her own past to prepare for her future. She knows that her past doesn’t define her future. She uses thoughts of her hypothetical future to reflect on the past. History fascinates her, yet she dwells in possibilities of the next century. She loves reading historical fiction as much as she loves reading science fiction. She loves reading about history just as much as she loves reading about scientific applications for the future.

14. She’s a pragmatic visionary that combines the creative with the logical.

She’s very artistic and bleeds with emotions, yet she is able to think strategically and not allow feelings to stand in her way. She wants to improve herself, not just in one area, but in many different areas. She has an analytical approach to creative work and a creative approach to analytical work. She is known for being a modern-day Renaissance woman who is capable of revolutionizing life while being realistic and content even when not everything measures up to the ideals of her visionary self. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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